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I am a Product / UX Designer, multi-platform visual artist and sometimes musician.
Based in Burlington, VT.

My name is pronounced:
Shoo-en Ma-ga-han


(Math + Philosophy)   >   NASA   >   Visual Effects   >   MFA   >   VR   >   UX  


My interest in user-centered design goes back to the beginning of my career when I worked on the Web Technologies Team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Working on the design and development of web-based project management tools, I functioned as the bridge between users and developers, representing user needs through all phases of product planning, design and implementation. It was a role I relished, as technology evangelist, information architect and people-person/problem-solver.

After JPL, I moved into Visual Effects, working on such films as Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Riddick. However, I always maintained a fascination with the tools and technology that facilitate creation, connection and storytelling. I remember from my studies in philosophy, the idea that our use of tools is possibly what separates humans from our animal counterparts, maybe even responsible for what we call ‘culture.’

Tools and technology fascinate me, but not in and of themselves. How they contribute to a richer human experience and serve the people who use them, is something I came to realize I wanted to play a much greater role in.

I am currently Lead UX Designer in Cyber SDR at Deloitte, as well as an adjunct Professor at Champlain College. I am a multi-platform visual artist and occasional musician. I have an MFA in fine art media. Recent projects utilize VR and other media to explore issues surrounding language and gender. I've been known to paint some portraits and also write some songs.

I care deeply about accessibility, diversity, inclusion, social justice and opportunities to create "tech for good." To that end, I also volunteer as a designer for Code4btv, my local Code4America brigade.


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