New Beginnings

I have been eager to re-design my website for some time now. My goal has been a streamlined version which will allow me to more easily add artwork and content. It has been a long time coming, as I have been so busy with moving to Ireland and getting the family settled here. (Have you been reading my moving chronicles at It is now a year since we received the offer to relocate to Dublin. It has taken that whole year to pack up our lives in Los Angeles and set up our lives here in Dublin. Such a big move is quite consuming! That said, there has been some art-making going on. Not so much in the music department though. But I am looking forward to a productive year, now that we are somewhat settled here in Dublin and as of September, both kids will be in school full-time. Lots of pictures to purge from my head and my lovely new, white guitar is beckoning me from my new living room. Here's to all kinds of new beginnings!